Morgan Primary Campaign FAQs

We read that the Bureau of Elections is rejecting Matt Morgan’s petitions. When will we know if he will be on the primary ballot?

On April 24, just hours before the State of Michigan deadline to withdraw from the primary ballot, we received word that the civil servants at the Bureau of Elections would recommend that the Board of Canvassers (BOC) vote to reject our ballot petitions due to a technicality. The BOC will meet in late May or early June to formally vote on the issue.

If the BOC votes to reject the nominating petitions, Morgan for Michigan could challenge the decision in court. The campaign may also pursue a primary write-in campaign to ensure that Matt’s name appears on the 2018 General Election Ballot.

Will Matt be on the General Election ballot?

Matt WILL appear on the general election ballot in November – either because the Board of Canvassers votes to certify his nominating petition, or because we win a primary write-in campaign.

How does a write-in campaign work?

If we need to embark on a write-in campaign, Matt would file an Affidavit of Intent with the Michigan Secretary of State’s office no later than July 27, 2018. With grassroots help starting in June we will educate voters about how to write Matt’s name in on the ballot in the August 7th Democratic primary. It’s a three-part process: voters need to find the 1st Congressional District primary on the Democratic primary ballot, print “Matthew Morgan” or “Matt Morgan” (both are acceptable) on the blank line they will find there, and then darken the oval or complete arrow next to the write-in line.

How many write-in votes does Matt need to win the primary?

The State of Michigan uses a complex formula to determine if a primary write-in candidate has garnered enough votes to appear on the general election ballot. Essentially, the number is likely to be a percentage of the number of votes in Michigan’s 1st Congressional District for Debbie Stabenow OR the combined number of votes our Democratic gubernatorial candidates. Those who are curious can read more about the formula at Michigan Secretary of State’s website.

We will not know with certainty how many votes we will need until the primary election has concluded. However, we will work with the Secretary of State’s office to estimate a target number in order to make sure we are running an effective campaign.

How should we spell Matt’s name?

We will ask people to write “Matthew Morgan” or “Matt Morgan” on their ballots. Both are acceptable.

Has a write-in candidate ever won a primary in Michigan?

Yes! In fact, in 2012 a Michigan’s 2nd District Congressional candidate, a Democrat, won a primary write-in. So did Mayor Mike Duggan of Detroit. History proves we can, in fact, do this!

What can we do to help?

We’ve loved the words of support and encouragement from folks around the state and district. Thank you for your involvement in this campaign! You can help us by sharing this FAQ sheet with supporters and talking to your networks to help us get the word out about what’s happening. Should we need to launch a write-in campaign, we need you to engage your networks to help us educate folks, and encourage everyone you know to get to the polls.