Campaign Values


People in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula deserve a representative who understands their needs — a leader who comes from a place of shared experience and gets working-class values. But that’s only just the beginning. Being the kind of candidate people trust means continually traveling across this 25,000 square mile district. It means listening to voters. It means being courageous enough to talk about the issues that often divide us.

Our current Congressman doesn’t appear up to that task. But I believe it’s the only way to find common ground on issues that matter to us all, while at the same time standing for our values and holding the high ground when powerful special interests threaten working families.

We all know that being an effective leader doesn’t have anything to do with power, or money, or playing politics. Real leadership is about making a meaningful difference in people’s lives, and doing that means sending more real people to Congress who are willing to fight for working Americans.

This is what we stand for:

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